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Ronin jiujitsu is a no-gi based grappling gym in Blenheim, NZ  run by Coach Luke Leach.

Our core values at Ronin are, Respect - for yourself, your coaches and your learning. Understanding - that we are here to help you and support you to grow and Kindness - for each other, through these values we aim is to teach the growing art of no-gi Jiujitsu to anyone who is keen to learn.

We welcome all levels from beginners, to experienced grapplers and travelers, our doors are always open. Jiujitsu or Brazilian Jiujitsu as it’s commonly known as has steadily grown in New Zealand and we hope in starting Ronin we are able to help grow the sport further.


Jiujitsu has many benefits such as; developing and increasing fitness levels, developing body awareness, an outlet for stress, social skills as you learn to communicate & interact with others both on and off the mats. Jiujitsu is a great way to develop the ability to problem solve in difficult situations.


We understand that every person is different and will come into Ronin with different goals and needs. We are here to support, guide and help you no matter what your end goal may be. If you are looking to try something new in a supportive and inclusive environment, drop in and see us - our doors are always open.

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